5 Thoughts on the 2014 Grammys

Actually, the above title is a bit of a misnomer...

It was a nice night for a stroll. Popped into a fast food joint for a quick bite and while ordering and consuming a light meal, caught a bit of the Grammys telecast. Nothing before or after. Some thoughts: 

- What was the point of Metallica’s performance of “One”? (Which was a tad sloppy and out of tune, btw.) Kirk Hammet’s Lou Reed t-shirt was a nice touch, tho. Speaking of which… 

- The “In Memoriam” section had all the gravitas and sensitivity of a used car auction. 

- That Moonies-style mass wedding was hokey and pointless, and seemed like something cooked up by a kind-hearted but clueless teenager. 

- Always wonderful to see fellow performers, from Steven Tyler to Pharrell Williams, give the great Smokey Robinson the love he deserves. 

- The Oscars can be pretentious and boring but they’re not a joke. Last night’s Grammys made clear who the clowns are in the family of established entertainment.