The Tourists - "I Only Want to Be With You"

The Tourists never made much of an impression here in the US, although shortly after the band's breakup two of their members surely did: Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. But in 1979 before Eurythmics was even a concept, the band had their lone US hit: a cover of an old Dusty Springfield tune which managed to scrape the lower reaches of the Billboard charts. This was a sign of the times, as catchy power pop tunes like "My Sharona" (The Knack), "I Want You to Want Me [live]" (Cheap Trick), and "Let's Go" (The Cars), were capturing the mainstream and The Tourists managed to ride that wave, albeit quite briefly.

The band never really capitalized on their modest success--they actually bore a strong dislike for "I Only Want to Be With You"--and broke up a year later amidst audience indifference, legal mishaps and internal tensions.