Hammerin' Hank Hangs 'Em Up

If you were expecting some sort of 20th anniversary commemoration for their first major label release, the seminal Rollins Band album, The End of Silence [Imago-1992], sorry. As it turns out, the band's namesake has no intention of resuming his music making endeavors.

I must say that I miss it every day. I just don't know honestly what I could do with it that's different. I don't know in what other way I could ring that bell in that I rang it very hard and very urgently for many years and at my age now I see my peers, not exactly by name but people loosely around my age, going out and playing thirty-year-old music or trying to maintain some kind of foothold.

And it looks a little desperate, a little balding, and a little rotund and I'm neither balding nor rotund. So I just don't want to go, "Hey here's 'Low Self Opinion' again. Come on kids!" It feels like being in year five at the university, like shouldn't you be doing something else?

The last Rollins Band studio album--with Rollins accompanied by L.A. band Mother Superior--was Nice [Sanctuary-2001]. In 2006, the 1994-1997 Rollins-Chris Haskett-Melvin Gibbs-Sim Cain lineup reunited and played some shows opening for X and performed on TV for the season one finale of The Henry Rollins Show but nothing more came of the reunion.

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