Jay-Z and Eminem Hit the Road Together

This past week, on the YES network, during a Yankees-Tigers game in Detroit, it was announced that Jigga and Mr. Mathers would perform together, at Detroit's Comerica Park on Sept 2nd and Yankee Stadium on Sept 13th. Each would headline the show in his respective hometown.

We are not fans of either MC—Eminem is a whiner who’s too full of himself; and as Brooklyn residents who greatly resent the Atlantic Yards-Barclays Center fiasco, Hova (a Nets part owner) is on our shit list—but we admit it’s fitting to see two of the biggest rappers of all-time perform at the greatest venue the birthplace of hip-hop has to offer. However, watching video of these two in the YES booth making the announcement and being interviewed, all we can say is we don’t ever recall a less eloquent pair of purported wordsmiths. Really.