Worst of the Worst

While we are regular readers of music/pop culture blog Idolator,
we don't see eye to eye much when it comes to mainstream, chart-hugging pop music. (They mostly enjoy it/criticize it; we mostly hate it/avoid it.) But this is one feature we can seek our teeth into:
a daily countdown of the worst songs of the decade. Sweet!

Readership is already complaining about the editors tipping their hand and revealing The Black Eyed Peas' dreadful "My Humps"--which we initially thought was a parody of the BEPs before discovering it was the real thing--is not on the list. Bummer. But how 'bout some Vampire Weekend? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, over at Gigwise, "The 20 Worst Bands of the 2000's". Check 'em out.