"Talk About a Revolution, um, Revision"

It was bound to happen: amidst all the recent Woodstock nostalgia lies hair band-loving rock critic Chuck Eddy's list of substitute artists for the landmark '69 concert festival. Oh, and it's a doozy.

Among Mr. Eddy's picks: Dionne Warwick instead of Melanie; The Velvet Underground as a substitute for Jefferson Airplane: the Joe Cuba Sextette in lieu of Santana; The Supremes over Janis Joplin; The Archies should've replaced the Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Funkadelic rather than Jimi Hendrix, among many, many others.
In fact, he's got alternates for every act that was on the bill. Jeez.

At least he didn't find a way to mention Poison in his post...

See for yourself here.