GnR Ripped-Off Sabbath (maybe)

In light of the recent questionable lawsuit by Ozzy Osbourne against Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi--the band's only constant member--over wanting Iommi to share equal ownership of the Sabbath name with fellow co-founders bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward, we thought it was time for us to jump in with a frivolous accusation (?) of our own. (Not saying your claim is or isn't valid, Ozzy; we just frankly don't care at this point.)

Namely, did Guns 'n' Roses plagiarize the main riff from Sabbath's 1983 track "Zero the Hero" (from the album Born Again) for Appetite for Destruction's "Paradise City"? Sounds mighty close to our weary ears. Check out the above links and hear for yourself.

Or not.

Meanwhile, we are grooving to our favorite post-Ozzy Black Sabbath tune: "Voodoo", with none other than Mr. Dungeons and Dragons himself, Ronnie James Dio, on vocals. From the Mob Rules album (Warner Bros-1981).