When Did the '90s End?

Within the realm of pop culture, and music in particular, decades never begin or end strictly according to the calendar. The ethos of a certain era takes a bit to manifest itself. Which is why there are those who deem the end of "the '60s" around or after 1972; some don't think "the '80s" kicked into gear until 1984.

We were thinking about this while listening to our recent "Song of the Day": Creeper Lagoon's "Wrecking Ball" which we consider to be a quintessential--and excellent--'90s pop/rock song. Except that it's actually from 2001.

So, when did the '90s end?

If you're a fan of college/grunge/alternative rock, probably 1996. For followers of boy bands/Britney/Christina, etc "the '90s" probably haven't ended. Fans of commercial metal--hair farmers and otherwise--would like to forget the whole thing.

What do you think?