This Week's Playlist: Wave Goodbye

This playlist is a bit grim: songs by and or about death or dead people. Welcome to Monday morning: Enjoy!

1. THE BEATLES “Julia” (Apple)
2. JEFF BUCKLEY “The Sky is a Landfill” (Epic)
3. CHRIS CORNELL “Wave Goodbye” (A&M)
4. NICK DRAKE “Pink Moon” (Island)
5. EELS “Suicide Life” (Vagrant)
6. THE MARS VOLTA “The Widow” (Interscope)
7. HENRY MENA “Jacques Cousteau” (One Seventeen)
8. PINK FLOYD “Wish You Were Here” (Columbia)
9. ELLIOTT SMITH “Happiness” (Dreamworks)
10. TEMPLE OF THE DOG “Say Hello to Heaven” (A&M)