Soooo Gay

The internet's been abuzz with the last skit of this past week's Saturday Night Live, one in which host Ellen Page's character comes home to her boyfriend all fired up about "sisterhood" after a Mellissa Etheridge concert. After Ellen, a blog that does "News, Reviews & Commentary on Lesbian and Bisexual Women In Entertainment and the Media" called the skit "refreshing" and went on to state how pleased it was "to see such a positive gay-themed skit on SNL. Its ultimate message seemed to be it's 'OK to be gay.' It was funny, but not in the way gay things are usually funny on SNL—which is in a mocking, ridiculing, as-if-we-could-ever-be-gay way."
Um, we don't know what skit they saw, but it was a stereotypical, mocking, ridiculing, as-if-we-could-ever-be-gay, SNL skit. (Just the mention of Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls is stereotypical enough.) And we don't have a problem with it. Not one bit. (Except for the ultra-cheesy, non-believable ending.)

See for yourself: