Flashback: 2002

Written, Directed and Produced by Kiko Jones
A Ballsy Production


Of late, it seems the Grim Reaper has been really busy when it comes to the music business. Though never fans of the ‘80s hair farmers known as Ratt, we know for a fact that quite a few of you were. And so, it is our sad duty to inform you that former Ratt guitarist Robin Crosby died on June 9th after an eight-year battle with AIDS. Crosby had contracted the deadly disease through heroin use. He was 41.


We keep getting feedback from some of you telling us how much you enjoy "5" and how you’d like to write in, so, why not? Like the old advertising catchphrase and subsequently infamous line used to go: "try it, you’ll like it". We know we do.



I got into a conversation last night with a friend who had just watched High Fidelity and just discovered Paris, Texas, and we had the perfect segue for me to tick off my five favorite soundtracks (in no particular order):

1) Ry Cooder, "Paris, Texas"
The bottle-neck guitar playing stretches out here like the desert in Wim Wenders' movie. Melancholy sustained over a whole record. Back when indie movies were actually idiosyncratic, and soundtracks were more than a marketing device. Best heard at dusk, when it's hot and you have a whisky on the rocks nearby.

2) Various, "Repo Man" –
Soundtrack as punk rock mixed tape. Another quintessential American indie, with Emilio Estevez's only bearable performance (ok, you can have The Mighty Ducks) [what about his turn as the lead in Wisdom? –KJ], it wasn't until recently that I noticed how much of the Latin influence on LA punk is obvious here. The Plugz have three songs, including the Spanish-language version of "Secret Agent Man" and there's the cholo punks of Suicidal Tendencies with the classic of SoCal suburban disaffection "Institutionalized."

3) Ruben Blades, "Crossover Dreams"
I haven't seen the movie since it first came out in the 80s, but the whole story line is so obvious from the sequence of songs, from Rudy's experiments with calypso and doo-wop to break out of the cuchifrito circuit, to his encounter with the roots of salsa
in "Todos Vuelven", to his reprise of the song at the end of the record.

4) Ennio Morricone, "The Mission"
I never got this, and never remember it well, but anytime I hear bits of it I stop and ask what it is. The padrino of movie soundtracks does it again, soaking everything in mood and place.

5) Neil Young, "Dead Man"
My nephew Jason calls this movie "sonambulist" and he's right. It's like a long, long dream, and you fall asleep in the middle not because you're bored but because your brain waves tune to that frequency. And then you wake up, and it's still there. The music here is like that hum of your brain in deep, deep sleep.


Re: PAUL WELLER Heliocentric -import- (Island)

Is this a NEW Paul Weller album??? I'm a big fan of his first two solo albums, but not of the last two. Just curious.
Also glad to see you give props to The The's Dusk in your previous issue. I think we have the same musical chip implanted in our heads. You should check out the new
2 disc The The retrospective that just came out on Sony/Legacy. It's got some cool bonus tracks and remixes.

JOSH NOREK Los Angeles, CA

[As far as we know, Weller’s latest release was 2001’s Days of Speed, a live album from his solo acoustic tour the previous year. Heliocentric was released in 2000 and is his most recent studio LP. Neither one has seen the light of day here in the US. As for his self-titled, solo album debut (after The Jam and The Style Council, of course), we too have quite a soft spot for it. We were very lucky to witness an excellent in-store performance in support of this particular album, at the downtown NYC Tower Records in late 1992. –KJ]



CHRIS CORNELL Euphoria Morning (A&M)
JANE’S ADDICTION Ritual de lo Habitual (Warner Bros)
LENNY KRAVITZ Greatest Hits (Virgin)
TUATARA Trading With the Enemy (Epic)



It seems that Napster may be returning to cyberdom pretty soon after all. The beleaguered music-swapping "service", has taken steps towards financial consolidation by declaring Chapter 11 and setting up a new business plan that would attract investors and establish the company as a prime music-download site. Except that this time people would have to pay, as opposed to just making off like bandits with the stuff. Will it work? Will people stay away and just continue using the existing music-theft, uh, download providers that let them have it free of cost? Will Lars become an investor in Napster? Will Metallica finally recognize that it’s time for them to retire? Sorry, got a bit sidetracked.

The ranks of drummers turned frontmen once again swell up with the addition of former Motley Crüe skinsman and unwitting porn king Tommy Lee. Although he had already grabbed the solo spotlight with his Methods of Mayhem outfit, Lee has officially switched to guitar and released a new album under his own name, garnering kudos from VH1 and landing the cover of a recent issue of Guitar One magazine. When he’s not getting pointers from buddy and head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl (another drums to guitar convert), Lee will be getting ready to tour in support of his Never A Dull Moment album sometime this summer.

And speaking of Dave Grohl, the man Courtney loves to hate (ha!) has been back behind the kit of late, touring with former Foo Fighters opening act Queens of the Stone Age. Grohl-–who also played drums on the latest QOTSA platter as well as last year’s self-titled debut by Tenacious D--should be soon gearing up for the release of the Foo’s fifth album. But if the lame, Queen-retread stylings of recent single "The One" are any indication, our man needs to go back and write some more songs. Good ones this time, Dave.

We recently caught a chunk of VH1’s telecast of the concert commemorating England’s Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee. One word: booooring. Aside from a few highlights (among them, host Sharon Osbourne’s off-stage antics with hubby Ozzy; Paul McCartney’s rendition of the irreverent "Her Majesty"), the insipid performances and stodgy line-up was more than ample justification for the Sex Pistols reforming and subsequent threats of wreaking havoc all over again. Talk about a royal pain in the ass.

In a bid to dethrone Dude, Where’s My Car? as one of the worst movies ever made in our lifetime, the Scooby Doo movie was finally released to resounding cries of agony. Some studio bigwig must have pictures of Freddie Prinze, Jr. cavorting with assorted farm animals or Sarah Michelle Gellar must have a monstrously insatiable drug habit that needs taking care of. Otherwise, why would these kids wreck their already questionable film careers with dreck of this ghastly nature? Come back Pauly Shore, all is forgiven. Well … almost.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Les Paul; top-notch musician, studio recording innovator and designer of the world-famous Gibson electric guitar model that bears his name (87).